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The BeCause Manager Page Guidance 🌱
The BeCause Manager Page Guidance 🌱

Find out how the BeCause platform works through this intro guide.

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This guide will walk you through the features and widgets we have on the BeCause platform, so you have a good understanding of the platformπŸ’‘.

Guide Agenda:

  1. Checklist

Your checklist will appear on your Get Started page. As you progress through the checklist by either completing or skipping the steps, you will see the checkbox's status change accordingly βœ….

*You do not need to complete the steps on your Getting Started page - this is only for internal use at the BeCause platform, and it will not be shared externally.

  • Connect to your company: when you successfully have found your company profile and your User has claimed that profile.

  • Add basic information to your company: when you go to Collect --> General Info and fill in information about your company, this will be marked as checked. This is optional.


Under Home, you will find our Help Center and Get Started with detailed step-by-step guides. You will also find the BeCause live chat at the corner 🀝.

We are very grateful to help πŸ’œ.


The BeCause company manager page with a checklist and a list of collect dropdown menu.

The BeCause Collect with nine items 9️⃣ allows you to input your company's information and sustainability-related commitments, policies, impact, and other sustainability performance data in our digital platform πŸ’».

To upload/edit your company πŸ”‹:

  • General Info

  • Statements

To upload/edit your company's sustainability-related information ♻️:

  • Performance

  • SDGs

  • Awards

  • Certifications

  • Commitments

  • Policies

  • Reports


The BeCause company manager page with a checklist and coordinate menu dropdown.

Under Coordinate, we have both Tasks and Groups πŸ‘₯.

To help gather suppliers, portfolio members, or other stakeholders into a group where you can set tasks for them to complete, collect their sustainability information, etc. to ensure alignment and info-sharing across their ecosystem.

  • If you are the manager of the group, you can create a new group at Groups and invite your members afterward.

  • If you are invited to join the BeCause platform through a group, you will find your invitations at Group Invitation.


The BeCause company manager page with a checklist and communicate menu dropdown.

Under Communicate, you will find different possibilities such as Website Widgets and Create Reports πŸ“‘.
These widgets are designed to help you simplify your communication. The widgets automate the sustainability information that you provide into specific report formats while live-streaming selected information into your platform profileπŸ‘€.

It allows more people to learn about you & your company's sustainability contributions πŸ’―.


For your technical department in order to set up your API πŸ” .

After your technical department has set up your API Keys you are able to access or update your data through BeCause' APIs and then you can download reports showing the results of the most recent API request.

Under Export and Import, you can either export or import data files that have been shared with you 🀝.


Under Settings, you can edit Users, Languages, Plans & Billing.

  • Users: Give/remove the permission for your colleagues to access to BeCause platform.

  • Languages: Edit/add your local language to the content while filling out the information.

  • Plans & Billings: Edit/Update your billing methods and subscription plans.

My User

At My User, you see My User, My Companies, and Add company πŸ‘€ .

  • My User: Edit the account owner's information.

  • My Companies: List of the company that you have access to.

  • Add Company: Claim your company/ Add a new company if you can not find your company profile.

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