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Application Invitations and Overview 💡

Learn how to find and manage your invitations and overview of your application.

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First of all, make sure that you have signed up on BeCause. If you have not, please read and follow this article 🤓.

Guide Agenda:

  • Where do I find my Application Invitations?

  • Where do I find my Applications Overview?

Where do I find my Application Invitations?

When you have signed up on BeCause you can now manage your home page.

You can find your pending Application Invitations in 2 different ways:

1. Notifications

First, please locate the "Bell Icon" 🔔 in the top right corner of your home page.

1.2 This is your "Notifications Center".

  • All your pending Tasks and Invitations will be visible here ⬇️.

  • Click on your "application invitation pending".

1.3. Click to select which company and then click "Accept".

1.4 "Accept"

2. Under "Coordinate" in your left sidebar

Secondly, you can also find your invitations by going to your left sidebar and finding "Coordinate".

2.1. Under "Coordinate" you click on "Applications".

2.2 Under "Applications" you can select which company and please remember to Accept after you have selected your company ✅.

Where do I find my Application Overview?

1. Go to your left sidebar and locate "Coordinate" where you will select "Applications".

2. Here you can always find your Applications Overview .

3. Under "Status" you can select to review what status your Application has.

For the Application review status process explained please go to this page 💡.

For any further help, please always reach out to our support via the chat function or check out our Help Center 💜.

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