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How to update your sustainable level on ♻️
How to update your sustainable level on ♻️

This article describes how to make sure the sustainable level of your property gets updated on

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❗Before getting started on updating with your certification:

  • Make sure that your certification is recognized by the Travalyst organization!

  • Check HERE which certifications are recognized as well as how to become certified 💪.

How to update the sustainable level to be visible on

  1. Make sure you have claimed and connected to a company profile ✅.

    • If you have not done this, please jump to this article on how to claim your company profile.

  2. Please make sure that you have a VALID certification imported to your company by a certifier.

    • ONLY certifiers can import data.
      You cannot upload a certificate yourself - it will not be valid

  3. If you administrate several company profiles in BeCause, please double-check that you are on the correct company profile of the property you want to update on and follow this guide:

  4. Click My User.

  5. Click My Companies.

  6. Enter the name of the property you want to manage

  7. Click Set active on the company you want to manage

  8. Next, click on Collect and then General Info.

8. Scroll down and enter your ID in the designated field ⬅️.

9. Great job 👏! Your validated certification will be transferred to and your sustainable level will automatically update 🆙.

  • Please remember that it can take up to a week before it is updated on's side 📆.

  • If your level has not been updated after a week, please troubleshoot by following the steps in this article.

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