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Why is my certification not updated on πŸ€”
Why is my certification not updated on πŸ€”

This article describes how to troubleshoot when your certification and sustainable level on is not up-to-date.

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This article will cover the following:

  • How to troubleshoot and find a reason for is not being updated ❓.

  • Reasons for not being updated and how to solve it πŸ’ͺ.

There can be several different reasons why the certification or sustainable level on is not fully up-to-date. In order to troubleshoot and find the root cause, please follow the guide ⬇️.

How to troubleshoot 🎯

1. Go to General Info under Collect πŸ–±.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and make sure that you have added the correct ID in the designated field πŸ”.

3. If everything looks correct, click on our Troubleshooting tool πŸ”§.

4. Here you will find information on what is required for your certification to be transferred to πŸ’‘.

  • On top of that, you will be able to check if you have a valid certification and a ID added.

5. If you have added a property ID, but are still waiting, you can check your ID ⬇️.

Reasons for not being updated and how to solve it 🧩

1. Your certification is not valid 🚫

If our Troubleshooting tool says that your certification is not valid, it can be due to the following reasons:

Reason for invalid certification

How to solve it

Certification is not recognized by only shows certifications recognized by the Travalyst Organization.

HERE you can check, which certifications there are.

Certification was added by yourself.

The certification is validated by the certification body. If the certification body provided the certification to BeCause it is already validated.

If you added your certification, or if you have edited it, then they need to revalidate that the data is correct*.

*In this case please reach out to your certification body and ask them to update their data.

Certification is expired.

A certification is only considered active if it has an expiration date set in the future. If your expiration date is wrong or is missing from your certification, please ask the certification body to add the correct data to our platform.

2. You have not added your ID

Add the ID in the designated field under General Info in the Collect menu. Once added, please remember that it might take up to a week for to be fully up-to-date on their side πŸ“†.

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