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Completing your Company Profile 🏨
Completing your Company Profile 🏨

Edit your company's profile username, main image, cover image, and description here.

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In this article, we will guide you on how to edit/update the first category of your company's basic profile information.
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Completing basic information on your Company Profile

First, on your company's manager page, you will see a menu list on the left-hand side bar πŸ€›.

Select Collect, and click on General Info:

Under General Info you will be able to edit the following information:

  • Company profile name

  • Username

  • Summary

  • Description

  • Company Sectors

  • Public contact information

Company profile name & username

The first thing you will see under Basic Profile Information is Name and Username:

The name you choose here will be the name that appears on your digitalized sustainability profile πŸ§‘β€πŸ’».

​❗Be cautious when you choose your username!

  • We advise you to use the same name as your company's name (above the username). The username used here will also appear in your company's sustainability profile URL πŸ†”.

  • Changes made after you submit will affect the URL ➑️ choose your username wisely πŸ§™.

Main Image & Cover Image

Here you can upload your company's logo to the main image as well as add a cover image πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨.

Hoover over Main Image, upload your logo through:

  • (1) the cloud icon.

  • (2) the magnifying glass icons, to zoom in/out of your logo πŸ”

  • (3) submit when you complete.

Main Image: At least 240px in width and height

Cover Image: At least 825px in width and 195px in height


Update a short, simple, and interesting description of your company. The description will appear on your company's digitalized sustainability CV. It helps the visitors to understand what your company does πŸ€“.

Company sector

Here you can fill out your Sector, Industry Group, Industry, and potential Sub Industry.

Public contact information

Under Public contact information, you can fill out your address, contact information, and any relevant communication channels, such as SoMe channels and website URLs.

And you can decide what should be displayed on your digital sustainability CV πŸ“„.

Sales Channels

Here you can add your ID in order to have your certifications reflected on their platform and get your Sustainable Level updated πŸ’―.

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