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How to check your API Request Report after import
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After you have imported your file to BeCause, please check your API Usage, to check if the file has been successfully imported.

  • For our guide on how to import your file, please check this guide.

  • It can take up to a minute to complete the upload, and the status will say Pending or In Progress.

  • To check if the upload is done, refresh the page 🔄.

If you are not on your API Usage page already, please locate by the following guide:

1. Click Import/Export.

2. Click "API Usage Analytics".

3. Click "Download report" for your latest API event.

4. You will be asked to save your download.

After saving, please open up the APIRequestReport file.

5. You will now see your API Request Report.

6. Scroll to check your "Status" and check if you get an error.

7. Your ErrorType and Message will inform you about what is wrong.

8. In this example, it means that multiple filled fields in the import file match a custom identifier value, then the establishment cannot be created.

The mapping cannot be done and we need more unique details or fields filled with correct data.

9. Please check your file again, and make sure that the filled fields in your file are unique - as unique as possible. The more fields filled with correct information make it easier to map the data so that the creation of the certification is successful.

If you are unsure about how to read your API Report please contact support via the chat in the right-hand corner 🤝. We are here to help 💜.

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