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Import your file πŸ—‚οΈ
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Video Guide

Please make sure that you have the correct data points before you import❗

  1. Click Begin import and upload the file πŸ†™.

2. In this step, you need to match the columns in your file to the model expected by the import.

  • If you have used the sample spreadsheet from the previous step, all relevant columns should automatically match βœ”οΈ.

  • If you have used your custom spreadsheet template, it is important to ensure that all the relevant columns align with the columns in your file before proceeding❗.

Once you have confirmed the alignment, click Next to proceed ⬇️:

3. You will then be asked to verify your data βœ… All rows with errors will be marked in pink 🚫

4. Click on the dropdown menu and select "Show invalid rows only" to find the data that gives an error ❗

5. Drag the scrollbar until you find a column with an error.

6. Columns that contain an error will be marked in red πŸ”΄ The error message will be displayed at the bottom center of the window when you click the column.

7. Click the column to edit it and correct the error according to the error message.

8. When the error has been resolved the color of the row will turn back to normal. You can then proceed by clicking "Submit" πŸ’š

9. Once it says "File uploaded" you should click "OK" πŸ†— You will now be directed to the API Usage page.

10. Here you can follow the status of your import πŸ”„

  • It can take up to a minute to complete the upload, and the status will say Pending or In Progress.

  • To check if the upload is done, refresh the page πŸ”„.

11. Once the status says Success, the upload is completed βœ….

  • If the status is Success with errors or Error, you can download the report for more information πŸ”΄

  • If the information in the report is not helpful, feel free to reach out to our support via the chat πŸ€—.

  • Please check the next API Request Report GUIDE for more information.

    If you are unsure about how to do the import, please contact support via the chat in the right-hand corner 🀝. We are here to help πŸ’œ.

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