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Setting up your Certification on BeCause πŸ‘
Setting up your Certification on BeCause πŸ‘

Learn how to set up your Certification on BeCause.

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This article describes the process of how to set up your certification on the BeCause platform. This is split into three parts ⬇️.

  • Creating your certification

  • Creating a unique Identifier

  • Creating your group

Creating your certification

  1. Go to Collect and click on Certifications.

2. Click on Manage 🀜

3. Go to Issuable certifications.

4. Click Create certification.

5. Information about your certification ⬇️

A) Give your certification an official name

B) Add a thorough summary of the certification

C) Add an image logo representing your certification:

  • Logos are at least 512x512 in dimension and 72 dpi.

  • PNG format is preferable but optional.

  • Avoid text with logos, as it is difficult to read.

Editing your certification πŸ§‘β€πŸ³

Once you have created your certification, you will be able to edit the following under Edit certification:

  1. Certification information.

  2. Certification metrics.

1. Editing Certification information

This is where you are able to edit the certification information you added upon the creation of the certification in our platform.

2. Edit Certification metrics

This is where you can add and edit any custom values for your certification, examples:

  • A specific level (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze)

  • A specific score (e.g. Score on energy, water, waste)

Creating a Unique Identifier πŸ†”

A unique identifier is needed in order to keep your data clean when you update changes for existing certified members/companies.

  1. Click on Select Identifier.

  2. Click on the orange box to create your identifier.

  3. Name and create your identifier.

    • This could for example be [name of certification] + ID
      (in this example the Waystar Royco ID).

  4. Once you have clicked Create you will have a unique identifier that will be used to distinguish each individually certified member/company from each other πŸ™Œ.

Creating your group

  1. Go to Collect and click on Groups.

2. Click Create group.

3. Name your Group and Submit.

4. Once submitted, you will see a full menu list used to administrate the group.

  1. Succession! You are now ready to make your first import on certified companies βœ….



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