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Importing a newly certified company πŸ†•

How to import your certified companies.

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These guides will take you through the process of importing new member profiles on your certification.

❗Please only import up to 500 certified properties in an import❗

Download a sample file to work from

  1. Go to Import/Export and click on Import Data.

2. In step 1, select the certification that you are importing data on.

3. In step 2, select the group that you will import data from.

  • This is the group the newly certified members will be uploaded to.

4. In step 3, download a sample file πŸ“.

  • You may use your own Excel or CSV file in the import, but we recommend that you download the sample file and use it as the foundation of your own file.

  • The sample file contains all relevant columns and the header names already match what the import tool expects πŸ’‘.

  • Your file may contain one or more rows depending on the fields required for your import.

5. This is an example of your SAMPLE FILE:

  • Please make sure to fill out all fields required

  • If you are importing a NEW establishment, please remember to remove BeCause Profile ID, as this will be created automatically when you import your new. establishment.

6. Please go to the next GUIDE to see how to fill out the fields in your SAMPLE FILE with the correct data points.

❗Please only import up to 500 certified properties in an import❗

If you are unsure about how to do the import, please contact support via the chat in the right-hand corner 🀝. We are here to help πŸ’œ.

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