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What data points do I need for a successful data mapping?
What data points do I need for a successful data mapping?
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Mandatory Data Fields

When uploading data into the BeCause platform, the following fields are mandatory. Your mapping will fail if you do not include these fields. Please note that these column names are also case sensitive, so you will have to input them as displayed

Click the arrows to see further information about each field πŸ”½


A unique identifier (ID) for the establishment you are mapping data against. The unique ID should be non-immutable to ensure that succeeding changes to any data for the establishment are matched correctly, thus avoiding duplicating data.

Company name

The name of the property you are importing certification data on. You should provide the same name that the property has provided you with.

Address Details

These details ensure accurate geographical mapping and are essential for local and global business operations, enabling us to differentiate between entities with similar names across regions. The columns required here are as follows:

  • Street:

    The street name and number of the property you are importing data on

  • Zip code:
    The zip/postal code of the property you are importing data on

  • City:

    The city of the property you are importing data on.

  • Country code (alpha 3):

    The 3 letter country code for the property you are importing data on (e.g. USA, GBR, JPN etc.)

Latitude & Longitude

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the establishment you are importing - in Decimal Degrees (very important). These can be found via Google Maps. Geographic coordinates allow for precise location matching, and it's crucial for distinguishing companies with similar names in different locations. Please note Latitude and Longitude should be separate columns.

  • Example: Latitude 47.57020804, Longitude -53.561611165

How should I upload my data?

Your file should be in a comma delimited CSV format for it to import successfully. It should resemble the below example:

If you have created a file in Excel (.xlsx) format and then saved it as a CSV, it will still show your data in separate columns rather than one column with all the information separated by columns as shown above.

If you want to check whether the comma delimits are in place, you can open your file in Notepad (for Windows) or TextEdit (for Mac) and check this:

Sample Data File

To streamline the data import process and avoid errors, we strongly recommend starting with our sample file as a foundation for your import every time. The sample file contains all relevant columns and the header names already match what the import tool expects, ensuring you provide all the necessary information in the correct format.

You can find the sample data file in the "Upload File" section:

If you are unsure about how to do the import, please contact support via the chat in the right-hand corner 🀝 We are here to help πŸ’š

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