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Certification Description and Logo Guide

This guide will help you add a correct logo to you establish certification

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Setting up your certification on BeCause, your logo will appear on your certification as well as places where your certified properties are connected such as different Marketplaces.

  • If you have not created your certification on BeCause, please follow this guide.


How to write a short description of your certification for your certification summary

A short and thorough description of your certification is great. The more precise your certification is, the better. This will also be visible on all your issuable certifications and it is good for your users to read what your certification is about.

A good summary for your certification should be:


Shortly describe your certification with noteworthy details.


Explain what your certification means.


Be precise and clear in your description of what your certification does.


Be honest in your description, we cannot say: your certification is the best in the world

(even though it is, of course ☺️).

Logo setup specifications

  1. Image size is at least 512x512 in dimension and 72 dpi.

2. Standard ratio (no-blocking): unify the shape of the logos so they all can fit into one design for displaying preferably 1:1 (a square or circle). ⬛️ ⚫️

3. Image format preferably .PNG format with transparent background.

4. Make sure your logo is readable and avoid text on the logo as much as possible.

5. If you have provided a dark mode version make sure that it has enough contrast with dark backgrounds.

For any further help, please always reach out to our support via chat or check out our Help Center 💜.

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