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How to answer questions from your Application Invitations❓
How to answer questions from your Application Invitations❓

Learn how to fill out framework questions in your applications from a certifying body.

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When you have accepted your invitation from a certifying body, you can begin to fill out the questions in your group framework 👥.

If you have not accepted a pending Application Invitation please read this guide.

Guide Agenda:

Answering the Application Questions

1. Find the "Applications overview" and choose the questions you need to fill out to achieve your certification.


3. Fill out your "Profile data" and click "Save".

5. Please make sure that you check each dropdown menu and fill out all required fields to submit your answers and get your application reviewed and approved.

3. When filling out the application you can follow the percentage counter under Progress to check whether your answers are correct and your application can be submitted 💯.

6. Remember to save the changes you are making. In the bottom right corner, you can either "CLEAR or SAVE the changes" you make.

7. If you have not answered the questions with the required percentage shown, you are not able to submit them. Please make sure to go and recheck your answers, and align them right so that you can submit them in the end ✅.

8. Your answers submitted are now "in review".

9. Your "Applications overview" will show the status of your applications

The questions asked in the Application, are not relevant for my business to answer

Use case troubleshooting:

If you do not find the question relevant according to your business, you may skip the question

1. Click the Skip the question icon in the right corner of the drop-down menu for the selected question.

2. However, you need to explain why you are skipping this, as the certifying body will need to know and review it as a valid reason 🤔. Please add a comment.

3. Remember to save your comment.

4. Click OK.

NOTE❗If you skip a question without any valid explanation, the certifying body might not approve your certification.

How to upload more document files if relevant to the question

1. Click on the question set you will need to upload files with.

2. On the question selected, please click the number 2 icon in your right corner to upload supporting proof of sources.

3. Click "Attach policy or report".

4. Add details to your upload.

5. Click "Upload proof"

How to import previous application answers

  • The "Import Previous Answers" button is a possibility to import your answers from your latest answered application to auto-fill answers into your current application.

  • This is only possible as long as you have an approved certification from last year.

For any further help, please always reach out to our support via the chat function or check out our Help Center 💜.

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