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Copy all questions from another framework to a group framework
Copy all questions from another framework to a group framework

The following guide helps group owners (e.g. Hotel HQs) to copy all questions from another framework and add to their own group framework.

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How to copy questions from one framework to another

NOTE❗Choose this option, if you want to copy all questions from a public framework, or from one of your previously created group frameworks into another group framework.

  1. You can find your created group frameworks in Coordinate ➡️ Groups (select the group whose framework you want to edit) ➡️ Frameworks.

  2. Click Edit next to the group framework to which you want to add questions (In this example, it is called Test Framework).

  3. After you have opened the group framework, that you want to edit, you can choose which already existing framework’s questions you want to incorporate completely. Click Copy From Other Frameworks in the bottom right corner.

  4. Select the framework from the drop-down and click Select all questions in selected framework (in this example, we chose the Hotel Sustainability Basics framework).

  5. Now all Hotel Sustainability Basics questions are added to your custom framework (see green check marks ✅).

  6. Remember to save your work by clicking on the Save changes button in the bottom right corner ✅.

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