How to update data on certified Hotels ✔️

The following guide helps Certification bodies update their data on certified hotels in BeCause.

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This article will take you through the process of updating your data on certified hotels, ensuring that they all have updated information and validated certifications ✅.

Please follow the below steps in order to update your data ⬇️.

  1. Navigate to the Coordinate menu and click on Groups.

  2. Find the group of certified members that need to be updated.

  3. Click on Members.

  4. Tick off the specific members you want to update information for ✔️.

    • In this example, we are updating the address of one certified member. We are updating the address from the United States of America to Canada.

  5. Click Export.

  6. You can now make the changes for the chosen members in the exported spreadsheet 📝.

    • In this example, we changed the address-related fields to a new Canadian address.

    NOTE ❗If you are adding a new member, simply add a new row to the file with the same fields in the sheet and ensure that you are giving them a unique identifier like the rest of your members

  7. Once you have made the changes to the spreadsheet, simply click Import on the same page as you exported and follow the import process below ⬇️.

  8. In step 1, please choose your certification

    • In this example, the Waystar Royco Eco-Label.

  9. In step 2, please choose the group of certified members to update

    • In this example, the Waystar Royco Members.

  10. In step 3, click Next.

    NOTE ❗The current row limit is 2000. If you upload a file with more rows than the limit, the extra rows will be ignored.

  11. Click Begin Import and upload the document you just changed 📝.

  12. Make sure that the fields/columns in your file are mapped correctly to the corresponding fields in BeCause.

    • If you started the process by exporting your file from BeCause, the fields will already be mapped 🗺️.

  13. Verify that the data you are uploading is correct before proceeding ❗.

  14. After you submit, the data upload will process and let you know when it has been fully uploaded.

  15. It can take up to a minute to complete the upload, and the status will say Pending or In Progress. To check if the upload is done, try to refresh the page 🔄. Once the status says Success, the upload is completed ✅.

    • If the status is Success with errors or Error, you can download the report for more information. If the information in the report is not helpful, feel free to reach out to [email protected] 💜.

  16. Well done 👏. Your data should now be up-to-date on the property or properties that you made changes to! You can double-check by going back to your Members list 👥.

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