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How to register a company on BeCause 🏒
How to register a company on BeCause 🏒

Learn how to get started on your company profile on BeCause.

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Once you have created a personal user, you are ready to set up your company on BeCause. If you have not created a personal user, jump to this article first πŸ‘€.

How to register a company on BeCause

  1. There are two ways you can get started in setting up your company on Because:

    1. If you've just completed creating your personal user and are not yet connected to a user, you will automatically be on the My Companies tab. Here you can click Connect to your company or jump to Add Company in the left-hand menu πŸ€›.

    2. Follow the steps on our Getting Started page of our Home section:

  2. Once you are on our page to connect to your company, use the dropdown menu to search for your specific company (e.g. a specific hotel property).
    ❗If you see duplicate profiles in our system, please contact support via the chat in the right-hand corner 🀜.

  3. If you correctly have used your work email to sign up for your personal user on BeCause and it matches the domain of the company profile, you should be able to claim the company profile automatically 🎊.

  4. If you are not allowed to claim the company profile, a pop-up will appear asking you to contact support in order to claim. Please contact us through the chat in the right-hand corner (or via [email protected] if you prefer email πŸ“¬) and provide the following:

    1. Company ID

    2. Citizen Profile ID

  5. If you can not find your company profile in our search function, you can click Can't find your company? and create your own company profile.
    ❗Please note that this means we do not have an existing company profile in our database with a validated certification!

  6. Create your company profile by adding:

    1. Company name

    2. Company website (URL)

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