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Manage your User
Manage your User

How to edit your account's users.

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This guide will show you how to edit/manage users to access your company's Sustainability CV on the BeCause Platform.

Guide Agenda:


On your company's manager page, you will see a menu list on the left-hand side.

Select the Settings on the menu list.

At the Settings menu, you will see:

  • Users.

  • Languages.

Select Users.


Under Users, you can see who can manage the sustainability CV on the BeCause platform.

Refer to the numbers in the image, which will provide you with detailed information to manage your users.

  1. Number of users added/allowed on your plan.

  2. Add a new user to manage your profile.

  3. Give access /remove users to manage your company's account on the BeCause platform.

  4. User's rights to control your company's sustainability CV (also including user's name, email address, and role of the account).

Add a New User

By adding a new user, you grant:

  • New access to the user.

  • The rights to this user you are adding to control over your company's sustainability CV.

NOTE❗Please make sure the user you wanted to add, has created a user profile/personal profile on the BeCause platform.

Update User Access

At Update User Access, you can:

  • Edit the user's rights.

  • Remove the user.

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