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Overview of the Groups

Learn about what is the access feature in the BeCause platform and how does it work.

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The BeCause Groups is created for group owners to understand their members' sustainability journey efficiently and effortlessly.

It also allows the group's owner to invite their members with just one click.
❗However, this feature is only available for non-profit organizations/groups with a lot of members, etc, Elretur, FBSA...

On your company's manager page, select Coordinate and then select Groups (used to be Access).

On the Groups menu, you will see:

  • Groups

  • Group Invitations


Group Invitations

+ Create a group

Allow the group owner to track, trace, and understand the sustainability contributions of each member.

Provide group owners with the list of all the groups that have an open invitation to join a group.

For more information, please go further and check For Group Owner or For Group Members in the next drop-down articles ➡️.

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