GHG Protocol: Scope 2 Emissions

Learn and understand the GHG Protocol Scope 2 Emissions.

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Scope 2 – Indirect emissions (Owned)

Three scopes are defined in the GHG protocol to clearly set emission calculation boundaries. Scope 2 assesses your company’s owned or controlled indirect GHG emissions, that originate from the energy that the company purchased from a utility provider as an end-user, and consumed. Scope 2 is one of the minimum requirements to report on.

There is one main category under Scope 2 emissions, which is the purchased energy.

GHG emissions from purchased energy are to be measured under Scope 2 because even though the company is responsible for the energy usage, the gases are not physically emitted on the company’s own site, but at the utility provider’s location 📌.

Sources of purchased energy can be:

  • Electricity

  • Steam

  • Heat

  • Cooling

Measuring and tracking your company’s Scope 2 emissions can assist you to be aware of your purchased electricity emissions, and create a more positive impact by lowering these emissions.

How BeCause can help 💜

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