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GRI 201: Economic Performance 2016

Understand the universal standard of GRI 201 that related to economic performance.

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GRI 201: Economic Performance 2016

Contains disclosures for organizations to report information about their economic performance-related impacts, and how they manage these impacts 💥.

The Standard is structured as follows:

  • Section 1 contains a requirement, which provides information about how the organization manages its economic performance-related impacts.

  • Section 2 contains four disclosures, which provide information about the organization’s economic performance-related impacts.

  • The Glossary contains defined terms with a specific meaning when used in the GRI Standards. The terms are underlined in the text of the GRI Standards and linked to the definitions.

  • The Bibliography lists authoritative intergovernmental instruments and additional references used in developing this Standard.

To learn more about GRI 201:Economic Performance 2016, click the button below to download the complete version 👇.

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